Renee’s Reality - July, 2023

Cody Albrecht |

Hello Everyone,

Are you enjoying these summer months? Hopefully it is a time to get some relaxation and fun in with the nice weather.

Market update:  June had the best S&P 500 index since October 2022.  With falling inflation and jobs projected to add 8.3 million jobs from 2021 to 2031 in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLs) the market has a sentiment of an upswing.  Time will tell.

Personal note:  I have been enjoying the summer with friends and family.  Taking long walks and swimming in the pool and lakes.  Will be heading to FL and Nashville this summer for a visit with the grandkids with my husband Andy.

My daughter Kalie has been busy with her business in Florida and my two grandsons.  They ALWAYS keep her busy!

My son Cody will be doing a 24 mile hike with top executives from many different companies up the Grand Tetons in August.  This trip will be inspiring. Cody and his wonderful wife Heather are actively looking to adopt a baby.  So, we are praying for the perfect baby for them.

 My other son (not in the business) is doing amazing and now lives in FL with his wonderful wife Katherine.

Remember, life is ever changing and I have learned to go with the flow.  When life changes, we are here to listen and help you navigate through the good and bad times.  Life throws you all kinds of turmoil. Let us at least get the financial turmoil off your plate.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Best Regards,