Renee’s Reality - April, 2022

Cody Albrecht |

Hello everyone and welcome!

I hope you are all getting a bit of Spring Fever!   We are getting longer days and I am seeing a few bulbs of flowers coming up.  I don’t know about you but that always cheers me up this time of year.

We need some cheering up.  The stock market has been reacting to the war in the Ukraine and oil and gas prices, food etc…  Make’s you think, do I have my emergency fund funded, are my investments in line with my goals?  As always, we are here to listen and make recommendations for each individual, as everyone is unique and has different goals, ideas and interests.  Remember, when you have a life event, make sure you update all your information.  Did your risk tolerance change?  Are your beneficiaries still the ones you want?  If something should happen to you, do you have a will, life insurance etc.  Will your family be, okay?  I always feel if you have everything in order it will not happen for a very long time.  My Dad always said death and taxes are 100%, just be prepared.  Then you don’t have to worry.

On a personal note, we have some exciting news!  My son Cody will be marring my daughter in law to be Heather on May 6th!  Our entire family cannot wait to welcome her into the family.  

My husband Andrew will also be joining our firm in May.  The family will be growing, and we feel extremely blessed! 

I am sure Cody will be working on the 4th generation very soon! 😊

Best Regards,