Renee's Reality

August 5th 2019
Renee's Reality

We have some exciting news!

Our daughter and her husband just welcomed a son, Ryker Andrew Hawley on July 27th 2019. My husband and I are ecstatic and look forward to plenty of quality time as new grandparents. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a fourth generation of  Investment Advisors and he continues on with the family tradition.

There's a lot of energy going on this time of year. Our daughter has just linked up with the Dave Ramsey Smartvestor program covering the Clearwater, FL territory. Individual Investors who have followed Dave Ramsey’s program to get out of debt and start building wealth look for investment advisors who can help them achieve their goals. Check out the new Smartvestor tab on our website for more information.

Our representative, Michael Green, has decided to retire after over 40 years in the industry. Our son Cody will be the new representative of record and will make sure each and every client is well cared for. We wish Mike all the best for many wonderful years ahead as he relaxes and enjoys his family. Cody looks forward to meeting with all of Mike's former clients and Mike will remain as part of VIP as a consultant.

Make it a great day!


All the best,