Renee's Reality

Since my last newsletter, we've made a wonderful change with our business. Our old Broker/Dealer sold which gave us the opportunity to find another Broker/Dealer that would fit our business model. We researched over twenty companies and came up with one that fit our core values and that would provide the same level of service we have come to expect.

Effective October 5th, 2017 our new Broker/Dealer is J.W. Cole Financial

J.W. Cole has been doing business for nearly twenty years and their business model reflects that or ours; FAMILY. They provide products and services that were unavailable through our old Broker/Dealer and which will allow us to add a more personal approach in the way we conduct business.

I have always been committed to improving the services I offer. This new affiliation with J.W.Cole is just one more step to further that committment.

I welcome your comments or questions about this change and would be glad to discuss this if you'd like to call or just want to stop in to one of our offices. 

All the best