Renee's Reality


Spring has arrived!

I'm so excited to get outside and enjoy the sights, sounds and mild weather. I see the trees have started to bud and the Spring flowers are beginning to break through the soil. The colors become so bright this time of year.

Speaking of Spring, it's a great time to clean out those closets and make room for a new wardrobe. Of course this is only a short term fix. No matter what we do, our closets always seem to get out of sorts within a short period of time. Planning on what to keep and what to get rid of can be a difficult decision. So what can you do for the long term?

I'll leave that answer for a closet expert. However, just like cleaning your closets we need to evaluate what to keep or get rid of when it comes to planning for your future. Take term insurance for instance. It's great for a younger person or someone who may have a short term insurance need but for someone middle aged or older, a whole life or variable life policy may make for a better fit. Some may not even need this type of insurance at all. Like clothes though, we don't have to get rid of a timeless beauty. Policies or investments that fit well can be kept for a lifetime or tailored to fit your changing lifestyle.

Like our closets, we need to do a little Spring cleaning once in awhile to see what we have. In may be in our best interest to get a new outfit, or in this case re-evaluate our plan to make sure it fits properly. If your thinking about cleaning your closet, it's best to get the whole family involved. If your thinking about seeing if that retirement or insurance need still fits, then we're here to help. 

All the best for a healthy tax return and a happy Spring.